Posted on: December 30, 2008 6:46 pm

Broncos get rid of Ole shanahan?

or how ever you spell his name lol, all Raider fans must celebrate.....after all we have been through this is the best news of the season lmaoooo
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Posted on: December 29, 2008 10:43 pm

So far so good for the Sharks


Looks good for my Sharkys I will bet them to win the cup.


"Oakland opened the offseason with a splash, acquiring LF Matt Holliday and his big bat (and expiring contract) from the Rockies. Of course, with GM Billy Beane on the job, Holliday's stay in Oakland might not last a full year."

This is so true if bean head trades Holiday once again the A's can expect a mediocre season at best.

Warriors :

Why even talk about them? well to say only " wtf? " what has happened between the beginning of last season and now? can any one tell me????? Nelly? you there? were is Mullin? wtf?


Nice job spanking the Tampon bay bucinqeers....lmaoo ....At least the offense looked like it showed up Sunday. Jamrcus still looks like a rookie that got bad advice and held out of his first year training camp! YES ASSHOLE we will never let you forget that! Ok asshole is harsh but dam it man we have been waiting along time for another Rich Gannon and SON YOU ARE NOT IT! but hey keep tring maybe the CFL will pick you up along with Alex Smith lol see you bust's in another life.

My CAL Bears :

We all understand that playing this close to home sucks and most of your parents could have afforded to drop the coin to have you played a bowl game across the country, but thanks again for not letting us fans down by loosing. Hey and maybe some of you actuly got t osee a sight you had never seen before? lmaoo Great job guys, and if BEST is not the player of the year for the team then Tedford needs a good taliking to!

Posted on: December 28, 2008 1:43 am

Testing 123...

Since this is the first, and it's late, it will be short....

congrats to Cal for winning the Emerald Bowl! As much as we all wanted it to be the Rose Bowl......At least I buy Emerald smoke house almonds!! mmmmmm delish!

Sharks you guys lost? wtf? Getting tired already? hmmm better not be turning into a bunch of pansy's now.

Slacker's, Coach make them eat nails and practice 14 hours a day!

Raiders, thank god the last game is coming soon, I can't take the emabarasment any longer. at least the 4whinners have picked there man what's your problem?

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